For 25 years, the staff and owners of Spirit 95 have blessed the ministry with an annual Hannah-Thon to raise much-needed funds for the ministry of the Hannah Center. We are so grateful.
As of Monday, May 16th the 2022 Hannah-Thon has raised $44,505 of our $50,000 goal!
As we heard former clients and residents share their stories of how their lives have been changed through the work of the spirit and the work of the ministry, we again recognize the enormous impact of your generosity. Because of your support, in 2021 we were able to distribute 21,810 diapers and 18,885 pull-ups. Hundreds and hundreds of outfits, plenty of breastfeeding supplies and formula, a LOT of wipes, and so much more!
While we’re thrilled to meet the practical needs of our families, it also provides us an opportunity to learn how we can continue to be a place of refuge, grace, and support.
In case you missed it, and want to support our mission, you can still donate at using the
button below, or check out our critical needs here.