Support for pregnant women and parents

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Hannah Center & Hannah House Maternity Home is a nonprofit ministry serving women, their partners, and families. Hannah Center is here for those who come seeking help in making decisions about their pregnancies and related concerns. Your future is important to us, and it is an honor and privilege to be a part of your life during such a crucial time. We make the following promise to every person who walks through these doors:

 We are dedicated to providing a warm and safe place to everyone, regardless of your age, race, income, nationality, religion or circumstances.

 Hannah Center can help with:
-free pregnancy tests
-medicaid pregnancy verification
-pregnancy counseling
-material support (diapers, clothes for children, baby wipes, and formula)
-unplanned pregnancy decision support
-parenting classes
-childbirth classes
-doula services
-Hannah House Maternity Home for pregnant women who have no where to live
We are here to help you. When you first reach Hannah Center, you will be greeted by staff.  Our client staff will  ask you some questions about your needs in a closed room. You can meet with the staff one-on-one, with your partner, or with your family to review your concerns, process your situation, and answer any questions you may have. If needed, we will provide you with a pregnancy test.  We also have several resources that could help support your pregnancy,  health and well-being.
You are not alone.