Every year the Hannah Center hosts three major events to help with the fundraising for Hannah Center and Hannah House Maternity Home.  The participants of these events help raise 1/4 to 1/3 of our annual budget!
We would love for you, or your local business to partner with the Hannah Center on these endeavors! Contact
tina@hannahcenter.org for more information on Event Corporate Sponsorships or annual Company partnerships. 
Hannah-Thon is our annual 12 hour radio-a-thon that is hosted by Spirit 95.1 and broadcast live over the radio and online from the Hannah House Maternity Home.  This is an event that Spirit 95.1 has blessed us with for many many years. We are grateful for everything they do for us at Hannah Center.
Hannah-Thon 2023: 
Friday, April 21st
Our annual Walk for Life is a 1 mile walk, or 2 mile run (your choice).  The walk is a chance for our supporters to do something difficult for a good reason, and reconnect with other donors.  The event is free to participate in, but we do give out prizes to groups that raise the most for the Hannah Center.
Walk for Life 2023:
Saturday, September 16th
The Hannah Gala is our annual evening out on the town. Dinner, speakers, music, silent auction… what more could you ask for?  The event helps to provide much needed financial support through the winter, when most people are less able to donate to the center.
Hannah Gala 2023:
Friday, December 14th