We are in need of volunteers for Hannah-Thon April 17th, as well as people who are interested in speaking on air about how they have been helped by the ministry or why they choose to volunteer or donate. We also in need of donations of prizes and 
pre-packaged food for the event. You can sign up for volunteering or an interview at the bottom of this page.
Phones: 3 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Will answer phones for pledges. Should be friendly on the phone while also being efficient and very attentive to details.
  • Must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Comfortable with using the Internet for credit card donations.
  • Have neat handwriting that can be easily read.
  • Can sign up for multiple hours, but must be able to do a minimum of one whole hour.
  • Must arrive 15 minutes before shift for observation and training.
Kitchen: 2 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Help set out refreshments under Kitchen Supervisor’s direction.
  • Keeps kitchen/dining areas clean.
  • May also be a floater.
Floaters: 1-2 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks throughout the day.
  • May run prizes and other important communications between buildings.
  • Must arrive 15 minutes before shift for training.
Greeter: 1-2 people/ hour, 6a-5p
  • Give tours of Hannah House and direct visitors and volunteers when they arrive.
  • Must schedule a training tour with Hannah House staff by April 16.
  • May also be a floater or serve in Kitchen.
Clean-Up: 5+ people/ hour, 3:30p-7p
  • Help with general clean up from 3:30-6pm.
  • Help with moving heavy furniture and putting the Hannah House back together from 6-7pm.
Data Entry: 1 person/ hour, 6a-7p
  • Keep track of donations and pledges as they come in on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Needs to be able to come to the Hannah Center sometime the week before for training.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before shift for observation.
Prayer: 2+ people/ hour, 5:45a-6p
  • Pray on-site during Hannah-thon.
  • Also needed: people to commit to praying during the day from home or work.
Pre-Event: Help put up flyers and call businesses for donations of food and gift certificates.