Phones: 3 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Will answer phones for pledges. Should be friendly on the phone while also being efficient and very attentive to details.
  • Must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Comfortable with using the Internet for credit card donations.
  • Have neat handwriting that can be easily read.
  • Can sign up for multiple hours, but must be able to do a minimum of one whole hour.
  • Must arrive 15 minutes before shift for observation and training.
Kitchen: 2 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Help set out refreshments under Kitchen Supervisor’s direction.
  • Keeps kitchen/dining areas clean.
  • May also be a floater.
Floaters: 1-2 people/ hour, 6a-6p
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks throughout the day.
  • May run prizes and other important communications between buildings.
  • Must arrive 15 minutes before shift for training.
Greeter: 1-2 people/ hour, 6a-5p
  • Give tours of Hannah House and direct visitors and volunteers when they arrive.
  • Must schedule a training tour with Hannah House staff by April 16.
  • May also be a floater or serve in Kitchen.
Clean-Up: 5+ people/ hour, 3:30p-7p
  • Help with general clean up from 3:30-6pm.
  • Help with moving heavy furniture and putting the Hannah House back together from 6-7pm.
Data Entry: 1 person/ hour, 6a-7p
  • Keep track of donations and pledges as they come in on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Needs to be able to come to the Hannah Center sometime the week before for training.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before shift for observation.
Prayer: 2+ people/ hour, 5:45a-6p
  • Pray on-site during Hannah-thon.
  • Also needed: people to commit to praying during the day from home or work.
Pre-Event: Help put up flyers and call businesses for donations of food and gift certificates.