The Walk for Life Goes Virtual!

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to have a Walk for Life group event this year. However, you can still help support us virtually! You can raise money for the Hannah Center and Hannah House for an online WFL 2020 fundraising page, and walk on your own, or with family and friends!
Prizes will be given for top earners!
We are encouraging our key supporters to participate by creating a campaign page and sharing it through social media and email, as well as helping us recruit others to create online fundraising pages!
We will help you every step of the way.
How to Get Involved:
Step 1: Register to become a Walker through the link above.
Step 2: Fundraise throughout the month of October by asking friends, family, and
colleagues to donate to your fundraising page!
Step 3: Enter pledges and donations on your fundraising pledge, or use
a pledge sheet and turn it in by Friday, October 30th at 12pm. 
Step 4: Join us for our drive thru event at the Center on October 31st from 12pm-2pm
where you’ll collect your prizes, and drop off any money that was collected! 
By registering above, you will create an online fundraising page, which you can share on social media, email and by word of mouth. You can collect offline donations and pledges as well, which you can also enter on your fundraising page! If you prefer to record your donations and pledges on a paper pledge sheet, that is totally fine, too! You can download one below or let us know that you need a paper copy!
In order to be eligible for prizes, please enter all pledges/donations on your fundraising page by Friday October 30th at 12pm (or turn in/let us know your total by that time if you choose  to do paper form only).
October 31st: Drive thru for Prize Pick up / Pledge Drop offs!
We will have a drive thru event  October 31, from 12-2pm at the Hannah Center!  Drive by to pick up your prizes, and to drop off any money that was collected and any paper pledge sheets. (Note: You don’t have to turn in all the money; you can simply indicate that it is a pledge and we can bill later).
Walk for Life 2020 FAQ
Q: How do I participate in the Walk for Life 2020?
A: You can participate in this year’s WFL by collecting pledges and donations for Hannah Center, and then walking on your own or with your family, anytime during the month of October.  If you plan to raise money and walk, please register or simply let us know, through email (, message us on Facebook or call us (812-334-0104) so that we can stay in touch with you throughout this process!
Q: How do I collect pledges and donations for the Walk for Life?
A: You can create your own Walk for Life online fundraising page and begin sharing it through email and social media. You can also download a paper pledge sheet and begin asking friends and family for donations and pledges. You can ask in person, by phone, or text.
Q: How do I track pledges and donations?
A: If you created an online fundraising page all of your donations can be tracked on your personal page.  If someone donates through your link, it will automatically be recorded on your page and reflected on your total.  For offline donations (someone tells you that want to just give you cash, or they want to mail us a check, or they want to make a pledge and pay later), you can enter those all on your fundraising page!  Please enter them by 12pm on October 30th to be eligible for prizes.
If you prefer to track pledges on a paper pledge sheet, just write them on the sheet (download below or let us know if you need one) and bring them with you on October 31st for the drive-thru prize pick up! If you do paper pledge sheet, please contact us by October 30th at 12pm with your total offline pledges so that can be included in prize determinations and event totals. 
Q: When does the Walk for Life Virtual Fundraiser end?
A: You can collect money for the Walk for Life throughout the month of October, and there will be a drive-thru event on October 31st (12pm-2pm at the Hannah Center) in which you can stop by to pick up prizes and drop off any additional collected money. We would like to have all donations/pledges entered by October 30th at 12pm.
Q: How do I collect the money from the donors? 
A: If they donate through the online fundraiser, their online donation will come directly to us, and you will not need to do anything else. For non-online pledges, the donors can pay through check or cash.  You can turn in any money you collect on October 31st, but if they haven’t paid the pledge or choose to just mail it in, that is totally fine! The donors can make pledges to you and then mail/drop-off their donations to us directly. Just mark on the pledge sheet that it has not yet been paid. We will send pledge reminders for those who make pledges if we do not receive them in a timely manner, you will not have to do anything further!
Q: How do I win prizes?
A: There will be special recognition and prizes for the top earners in each category. In addition, we will have T-shirts and other gifts for those who raise certain levels. Anyone who fundraises will receive something!
Q: When and where should we walk, and how far?
A: Since the Walk is virtual this year, we are not going to have a specific time the walk has to be done. You can do it anytime in the month of October.  You can walk with your family or alone. You can walk throughout your neighborhood or even on a treadmill! We would encourage you to share pictures or videos if you would like! You can decide on your own how far your walk will be. The exact length or location is not as important as the effort being made in raising the funds for the Hannah Center.
Q: What are the donations for Walk for Life used for?
A: All donations are tax deductible and will be used to help continue our programs for families facing crisis pregnancies and/or early parenting challenges. During the pandemic we have continued to provide Material Support items weekly such as diapers, clothing, formula, breastfeeding supplies, and much more. We have also continued providing case management and resources by phone, as well as prenatal and childbirth support. With your help, we will continue these programs and look forward to hiring more staff and taking residents at Hannah House Maternity Home.
Q: If I do not want to ask for pledges, can I still participate?
A:  Yes, of course! If you do not to ask for money, it is very easy to create the link and just post it/send it out, without having to directly ask anyone. 
If you do not want to make a page, but would like to make a donation, that is great, too!  You can choose one of our walkers on the page, or just make a general donation to Walk for Life. You can also mail in a check if you would prefer. Please send to: 808 N. College Ave. 
Of course, everyone is welcome to pick a time to walk for the cause, even if you didn’t collect money. 
Q: What if I collect pledges but cannot come by on October 31st? 
A: That is no problem; the drive-thru time is just a convenient way for you to pick up your prize and drop off anything you need to drop off (plus it will be nice to see you!) but it is not required. If you cannot come by at that time, please just let us know so we can arrange getting anything from you as well as getting you your prizes!)
Q: Can I participate if I don’t live nearby?
A: Yes! Since this year is a virtual event, and you have the ability to collect all of your donations online, you do not need to live close to support the Hannah Center! You can create your fundraising page and post it/email it, or of course you can donate to the Walk for Life! 
WFL Downloadable Documents
If your business would like to be a corporate sponsor or donate a prize for the Walk please click the button below and fill out the form below.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can email us at:, call 812-334-0104 or message us on Facebook! Thank you so much for your help in the Walk for Life 2020!